Workshop 8

Workshop 8

Wednesday 28th August

Molecular and Clinical Aspects of Individual Radiosensitivity

The workshop focusses on clinical acute and late normal tissue reactions occurring after external beam radiation therapy. The workshop should contribute to clarifying the number of patients who would profit from a pre-screening test systems by discussing problems associated with:

  1. classifying patients in grades 2, 3 and 4 according to CTCAE criteria of different tumor entities,
  2. the correlation of acute and late radiation therapy treatment effects and the possible resulting actions in treatment change,
  3. the problems of subjective and non-quantitative classifying criteria,
  4. the value of imaging normal tissue complications for classification.

The outcome of the workshop is to give clear recommendations for harmonization and improvement of normal tissue complication classification and on who will be affected by potential treatment change.

Session 1 of the workshop (14:00-16.15) will have two presentations followed by a discussion structured by questions.
Invited speakers for session 1:

Dr. Jenny Chang-Claude, DKFZ, Munich, Germany. What fraction of individuals show radiosensitivity.
Dr. Navita Somaiah, ICR, Sutton, UK. If a patient is radiosensitive, can radiotherapy be beneficially modified.

Session 2 of the workshop (16.45-18.00) will be announced shortly.

We acknowledge support from the MELODI Platform for this workshop.