CPD Accreditation

CPD credits for ICRR 2019

CPD accreditation for clinicians, radiologists and clinical scientists can be gained for attendance at ICRR2019. 28 credits can be gained for attendance of the entire meeting. Alternatively credits can be gained on a daily or hourly basis. Full details are given below:

Sunday 25th August

Plenary Lecture 1: Professor Rob Bristow 15.30-16.301 credit
Total for attendance on 25/08/20191 credit

Monday 26th August

Plenary Lecture 2: Professor Fei-Fei Lu 8.45-9.451 credit
Award Lecture 1: Professor Dudley Goodhead0.75 credit
Parallel Session 111.00-12.301.5 credits
Poster Session 112.30-13.150.75 credit
Award Lecture 2/3: Dr. Eleanor Blakely or Prof. Penny Jeggo14.15-15.000.75 credit
Parallel session 2: 15.00-16.301.5 credits
Parallel Session 3: 17.00-18.30 1.5 credits
Total for attendance on 26/08/20197.75 credits

Tuesday 27th August

Parallel Teaching Sessions 08.00-08.450.75 credits
Parallel Session 4: 08.45-10.151.5 credits
Parallel Session 5: 10.45-12.15 1.5 credits
Poster Session 2: 12.15-13.000.75 credits
Plenary Lecture 3. Prof Charlie Limoli 14.00-15.001 credit
Parallel Session 6: 15.30-17.001.5 credits
Total for attendance on 27/08/20197.00 credits

Wednesday 28th August

Parallel Teaching Sessions08.00-08.450.75 credits
Parallel Session 7: 08.45-10.452.0 credits
Award Lecture 4: Prof Markus Lobrich 11.15-12.000.75 credits
Plenary Lecture 4: Dr. Nori Nakamura 12.00-13.001 credit
Poster Session 3: 14.00-14.450.75 credits
Parallel Session 8: 14.45-16.151.5 credits
Parallel Session 9: 16.45-18.151.5 credits
Total for attendance on 28/08/20198.25 credits

Thursday 29th August

Parallel Session 10: 08.45-10.151.5 credits
Parallel Session 11: 10.45-12.151.5 credits
Plenary Lecture 5: Professor Amato Giacca 12.15-13.151.0 credits
Total for attendance on 29/08/20194 credits
Total credits for the entire meeting
attendance at any of the workshops – 1 credit per hour of lectures.
28 credits

Learning Outcome

There are 5 Plenary speakers giving 1 hour lectures. These are all internationally recognised scientists with specific expertise in distinct aspects of radiation biology. These lectures will provide a background to the area of research and also encompass up-to-date findings at the forefront of research in the area.

There are 4 Award lectures (of 45 mins). All are from scientists who have substantially contributed to their area of radiation research. These lectures will provide a historical reflection of the research area but will also encompass current findings, thoughts and concepts.

Each parallel Session will have 2 (or 3) keynote speakers, who are also internationally recognised within their field. These lectures will detail the latest findings of the lecturer, providing state of the art insight into the specific area.

Teaching lectures (2). These lectures will provide an overview of the relevant area including current thoughts and concepts. These lectures will be aimed at the non-specialist

Poster Sessions will have display posters that cover the most recent findings from many laboratories. There will be opportunity to discuss findings with the researchers or clinicians.

In summary, the lectures and poster sessions will provide the possibility to gain insight into the current concepts and findings in a broad range of research areas of relevance to radiation research. The attendee can thus be made aware of all current findings, models and insight of relevance to a broad area of radiation research. The scientists presenting will cover physics, biology, chemistry as well as clinically related research. The four parallel themes are basic biology, translational research, radiotherapy and human health effects. Thus, the precise area covered is broad and encompasses all the current topical areas of relevance to radiotherapy.